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Is 976 too much or not?

Is 976 too much or not?

Depending on what it stands for, 976 can be a lot or very little. This number is heart breaking and simply too much for Paul Lewin and Lisa Sharp of Pixel Cove Photography and The Bridge (East Midlands).

It is an estimate of how many homeless people in the UK passed away in 2020. Paul Lewin knew he could not ignore this statistic when he saw it displayed during a presentation The Bridge presented at a BNI Tigers Chapter meeting.

That day, when he returned home, he was consumed by thoughts of that number.

He talked to Lisa, his life and business partner, after being moved and perplexed by it. Both of them agreed that something needed to be done to assist. In that manner, this idea developed.

Lisa and Paul will embark on a 976-mile bicycle journey on September 11th, 2023, in order to raise money for The Bridge (East Midlands), a wonderful non-profit organisation, that works with the neighbourhood to prevent and alleviate homelessness.

“The challenge we have given ourselves is a monster”, according to Pixel Cove's owner, Lisa. “However, what a feat it will be to cross the finish line knowing how much of a difference those arduous 976 miles will make.”

“Lisa and I have never done anything similar before”, Paul continued. “Only in September 2022, did we purchase bicycles.  We are trying to get out on our bikes at least twice a week and so far we’ve managed around 70km, so we have some work to do but we’re adamant to cross the finishing line in order to raise money and awareness. We have a lofty goal for our fundraising efforts; we want to raise £30,000 for The Bridge. Would you be willing to assist us?”

In addition to working hard to meet their fundraising goal, the Pixel Cove Team will train hard to ensure that they are both physically and mentally prepared for the challenge.

The team is supported by the newest member: BridgeIt The Bike Pump. After some tough negotiations, BridgeIt has kindly agreed to be the mascot on the 976 mile charity bike ride. She will be following the two cyclists everywhere during their preparations until they complete their journey on 22nd September 2023. It would make BridgeIt happy if you could follow her on this epic journey #WhereIsBridgeIt

"We are grateful to Lisa and Paul for making it happen and in this way inspiring others to join us and make a difference," said Simone McCabe, Community Engagement Lead at The Bridge. “With the continued dilemma of rising living costs, help is more important than ever. The unfortunate fact is that we wouldn't be able to assist the 6,000 people we work with on a yearly basis without the support of the local community. If we weren't there, what would happen to them? We appreciate Pixel Cove doing everything they can to keep us operating.”

We wish you all the best, Paul & Lisa.

To find out how you can support, please contact [email protected]

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