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The Bridge 2 Collaboration

Join as a partner to make a difference in our local community...

What is it?

The Bridge 2 Collaboration is the newest partnership in Leicestershire with exclusive offers to build, nurture and promote your business, and ensure that we all have a safe place to call home. The aim of the partnership is tackling real life community issues together for residents of the East Midlands. Membership is £500 per annum or £50 per month with a pledge to raise a minimum of £500 more to support essential services.

When you sign up you will receive a welcome pack and lots of information and support to help you raise your fundraising target.

"To help you decide, why not come along to our next event to hear all about it and why you should join us in helping to tackle homelessness across the East Midlands."

Upcoming Events

The next Bridge 2 Collaboration event will take place on Monday 17th April 2023 at 4.30pm and will be hosted by one of TB2C members the CEO of Hinckley & Rugby Building Society, Colin Fyfe. It will be a day to celebrate the 1st Anniversary of the collaboration!

It has been a year since The Bridge (East Midlands) successfully started to introduce a new way of boosting the CSR credentials by the local business community. By building strong, impactful and lasting partnerships we have managed to tackle real life social injustice issues TOGETHER for residents of Leicestershire.

Join us for the afternoon which will challenge your way of perceiving a charity-business partnership and how corporate social impact can be more meaningful.

To book a place please follow this link: 1st Anniversary - The Bridge 2 Collaboration Tickets, Monday 17th April 2023 at 16:30 | Eventbrite

Or for more information please contact contact Simone on [email protected]

Thank you to our Sponsor:

We would like to express our sincere gratitude to Hinckley & Rugby Building Society for hosting and sponsoring this event.

The Bridge 2 Collaboration

Previous Events

The Bridge 2 Collaboration held its launch event on Friday 11th February 2022, which focussed upon on some of our key homelessness prevention services.

Following this, our second event on Friday 29th April 2022 saw more than 20 delegates who took the opportunity to understand how they can work together with The Bridge 2 Collaboration in combating the issues such as food poverty, a struggle facing local people across the East Midlands.

On Thursday 30th June met with local businesses to discuss real issues around youth and their families.

Most recently on the 16th January 2023 - 'Blue Monday' - we focused on mental health, which is one of the biggest factors affecting The Bridge’s clients who find themselves spiralling and in result on the blink of homelessness. Marc Rowley, director of H.I.T Leadership provided us with a very insightful workshop on mental resilience. We also spoke how this topic is crucial in the work we do.

what can we help with?
Working together in partnership to tackle real life community issues

What are the benefits of joining?

ESG Development

We will support you to achieve ESG targets and become an employer of choice.

Brand Awareness

You will get your logo on our website, and promotion to 1.7k social media following.

VIP Treatment

You will receive a monthly newsletter, have quarterly business meetings, and exclusive access to brand new opportunities.

Our Members

See below for our members who have already signed up to our initiative, to implement long term change in the local community:

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