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All of the services provided by The Bridge are free and independent.  Someone wishing to access any of our services can do so by:

Please scroll down to the most appropriate service to find out how to make a referral.

Housing Advice

If you live in the Borough of Charnwood and would like to receive advice, assistance or advocacy you can contact us by telephone on 01509 260500 and speak to our Housing Triage Worker who will book you an appointment to see a Housing Advisor. Alternatively, you can call into our offices to make the appointment.

If you live in the County of Leicestershire and require housing advice, you can contact our new telephone advice service available to members of the public (aged 16 and over) across Leicestershire (excludingLeicester City). The Advice Line telephone number is 0300 003 7005 and is open Monday to Friday 9.15am – 1pm and 2pm – 5pm (Wednesday 2pm – 5pm only). Calls to this telephone number are charged at a local rate. They are the equivalent of an 01 or 02 number from both a landline and mobile telephone.

Housing Support

If you feel that you would benefit from Housing Related Support you can apply to be assessed for the service, you need to complete a referral form or ask your landlord, or an agency working with you, to make a referral for you. If you want to make a referral on another person’s behalf, we would require consent from that person before we could consider the referral. If you would like to discuss a referral with a member of staff, or you are not sure which referral form to complete, please telephone 0300 561 0001 and ask to speak to our Referral Hub Coordinator. Alternatively, you can contact them via email. Click one of the buttons below to download the relevant Housing Support referral form.

Housing Matters Referral Form      Housing Matters Family Referral Form     Rutland Referral Form

Single Access Point

Young people experiencing problems at home may feel their only option is to leave home, this can often have a serious impact on their future life choices.  If you lie in Charnwood and are 16 or 17 years old and you are thinking about leaving home, you can get in touch with the Single Access Point service.  We can help you to explore all of your options and deal with the difficulties which could cause you to become homeless.  We will provide comprehensive support and explain the available options based on your individual circumstances in order to help you to plan for the future.  The Single Access Point can refer you to additional services to provide further help and support if required.  

Click the button below to download our Single Access Point referral form.

Single Access Referral Form

Charnwood Welfare Provision

If you are a professional helping someone who is without food/heating or lighting, please ensure you have verified they meet all the eligibility criteria outlined in the Customer Services section on this website. If you want to check if someone is eligible or find out what proof we will need you can call our Customer Service Team on 0300 561 0561. The form you will need to complete and return is available to download below.  

CWP Referral Form


Self Referrals

We can accept self-referrals directly from 11-19 year olds and their families within the County. If you are self-referring and want us to make contact with other family members, you must notify them that we will be contacting them.  


Referrals can be made for 11-19 year old and their families who live in the County as long as there is one individual who wishes to engage.  If you feel a family may benefit from mediation but they are unsure about using the service, a referral can be made and the mediator will contact the family to discuss the service as long as they are happy to be contacted.

When would a situation not be suitable for mediation?

Click the button below to download our talk²sort referral form.

    Talk2Sort Referral Form