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Housing Advice at The Bridge East Midlands

Rough Sleepers Programme

The Rough Sleepers Programme is funded by the Department for Communities and Local Government and delivered by a sub-regional partnership. Charnwood Borough Council and The Bridge (East Midlands) are lead organisations and will be supported by Action Homeless, DLNR Community Rehabilitation Company, 6 District and Borough Councils, Leicester City Council, Leicestershire County Council and Rutland County Council. The Programme leads are Charnwood Borough Council and The Bridge. The Programme comprises of a Homelessness Transitions Service and a strengthened No Second Night Out (NSNO) initiative.

What is the Homelessness Transitions Service?

The Homelessness Transitions Service enables rough sleepers, or those at risk of rough sleeping, to receive intensive one to one support earlier.

Who is the Homelessness Transitions Service for?

The service is for anyone aged over 18, in Leicester City, Leicestershire or Rutland, who is rough sleeping or at imminent risk of rough sleeping.

What can the service help with?

The service will provide:

  • Specialist Housing Advice and Options
  • Accessing accommodation, supported or independent
  • Support for those being released from prison/discharged from hospital to access accommodation
  • Support to move into, set up and sustain appropriate accommodation
  • Mental health and substance/alcohol misuse support and signposting to specialist services
  • Budgeting, access to benefits and money management
  • Support to access training or education or volunteering opportunities
  • Support to address social isolation

What does the service provide?

The service provides a dedicated Homelessness Transitions Officer to assess your needs, provide you with your housing options and provide support to address any barriers to accessing accommodation. The Homelessness Transitions Officer will create an action plan with you in order to support you to access, set up and sustain your accommodation.

How to access the service

To access the service you can be referred by a professional that you are already working with, your local Housing Options Team or you can self-refer. A referral form can be requested by ringing 01509 260 500 or you can download a referral form the link below.

Housing Transitions Referral Form

Alternatively, you can self-refer by coming into The Bridge’s Drop-in Centre in Loughborough.

In addition, the Homelessness Transitions Officers will be providing outreach work across Leicester City, Leicestershire and Rutland in order to enable rough sleepers to access the service.

No Second Night Out

What is No Second Night Out?

No Second Night Out (NSNO) Leicestershire is a partnership project to provide a coordinated approach to rough sleeping. The partnership comprises The Bridge, Falcon Support Services, Action Homeless and the nine Local Authorities in the region.

Who is No Second Night Out for?

NSNO is for anyone aged over 18, in Leicester City, Leicestershire or Rutland, who is rough sleeping and not owed a statutory housing duty by their Local Authority.

What does No Second Night Out provide?

NSNO provides bed spaces for up to three nights to allow time for a Homelessness Transitions Officer to arrange longer-term accommodation and link to other services to address the underlying causes of your homelessness.

There are three NSNO beds provided in the region, two of which are at Action Homeless in Leicester, and one at Falcon Support Services in Loughborough.

How to access No Second Night Out

You can be referred to NSNO by your Local Authority’s Housing Options Team.