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Ted's Story

Ted's Story

When Ted first interacted with YES, he heavily relied on his mum to talk for him. He wouldn’t make eye contact and would only respond with one word answers. During the initial assessment it came to light that Ted hadn’t left the house for some time due to his anxiety and autism and had left school due to being bullied.

Support was needed to help Ted overcome these barriers so he could live a happy life and gain the skills to work, make friends and do things that interested him. Upon first contact with Ted, this seemed all too much of a daunting prospect.

As time progressed, it became known that Ted had an interest in making his own horror parody sketches on YouTube and was interested in gardening.

The YES Intensive Young Person’s Support Worker (IYPSW) contacted his local village parish council and arranged for Ted to become involved with a Wildlife Group. He became a part of a small group who protected the local fields and wildlife within his village. Ted started to interact with other people and improvements in his confidence were quickly developing.

Whilst supporting Ted, a 9 week media course that was being held at ‘SEED Creativity’ was suggested. Ted was interested in this, however said he didn’t feel he could complete the bus journey by himself. The YES IYPSW supported him with this, and accompanied him on the bus journey to town and back again.

After this, Ted felt he was able to do this himself. Ted went on to complete the ‘SEED course’, and moved on to the ‘Engage course’ that was being delivered by ‘Twenty Twenty’ to help him to develop self-confidence.

During a catch up meeting, Ted explained he would like to work towards obtaining a Maths and English qualification. Ted went on to complete the ‘Journey to Work Course’, also held by ‘Twenty Twenty’. Ted achieved his Maths, English and IT qualifications and completed work experience in a factory.

Ted is currently employed as a Customer Assistant in a local petrol station.

Ted has shared: “I am really happy with the support I received, I didn’t think any of my achievements would have been possible when I started working with you, I am confidence when talking to people, I have gained qualifications and have got a job. Thank you so much”

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