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Karl's Story

Karl's Story

Karl approached The Bridge for advice on finding alternative accommodation following a disastrous breakdown in relationship with is long term partner.

Upon first contact, Karl was still living with his ex-partner in her tenancy, sleeping on the sofa until he could find permanent accommodation. Homeless and suffering with both physical and mental health problems, Karl was in a low place, worried about the effects his situation was having on his daughter as she was witnessing the arguing and animosity between her parents.

Karl wanted to know what housing options were available to him. He had started filling in a Choice Based Lettings application but wasn’t sure he had completed it properly and he was also concerned about property affordability whilst he was not in work and only receiving disability benefits.

The Housing Adviser checked Karl’s housing application and also advised him of the evidence needed from his GP to demonstrate a medical need to move. The council’s housing banding system was explained and he was advised about what band he may be assessed as. Housing Benefit was also explained and Karl was reassured to hear that he would be entitled to help towards his rent.

When Karl received notification of his banding, he’d only been assessed as having a medium housing need despite his physical health conditions. This meant Karl could not bid on bungalows or sheltered housing, leaving unsuitable housing options for this his physical need.

At his request, the Housing Adviser contacted the Local Authority on his behalf and asked for clarification on the reason for his banding decision. As a result, Karl’s application was amended to High Band and he was able to bid for bungalows and sheltered housing.

Just over a month later, Karl was offered a one bedroom flat in a sheltered accommodation scheme. He has now moved in and is much happier in secure, suitable accommodation.

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