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Ian's Story

Ian's Story

At the age of 54, Ian was forced into homelessness and rough sleeping on the occasions he was not able to seek shelter with relatives.

Ian’s descent into homelessness was due to his marriage breaking down and him leaving the property he had lived in.

Due to voluntarily leaving the property, Ian was classified as ‘intentionally homeless’ by the local authority. In addition to this, he had former rent arrears on the property which also meant the council were unable to help.

When Ian first approached The Bridge, he was visibly shaken, not knowing what to do or who to turn to. As well as losing his home and his wife, Ian had been diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease in addition to already battling Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease and mental health issues.

During his initial contact with The Bridge, Ian was triaged and referred to our Housing Advice Service and, subsequently, our Homeless Transitions Service. Over a 7 month period, our support services assisted Ian to:

  • Reduce his debts through ‘Vicars Relief Funding’;
  • Complete paperwork, provide evidence of debt repayment and terminate his tenancy;
  • Review his housing application and increase his priority banding at the local council;
  • Bid for and secure a suitable property;
  • Secure basic white goods for his new home;
  • Apply for Housing Benefit.

Ian is now settled in his new home and is actively seeking employment.

“When I first visited The Bridge I was anxious and feeling low because of my housing situation. With regular visits I began to feel more confident. I received supportive housing advice, helping me to get settled into my new home. I am now feeling much more secure and in a better frame of mind” – Ian.

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