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Case Studies

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Donna's Story

Donna's Story

Donna was referred to Housing Advice at The Bridge to support her in the process of finding a new home and getting a fresh start. With limited finances, setting herself up in new accommodation was difficult.

“When I first started talking to my Advisor, I didn’t have anything at all. I had no way of getting everything I needed all at once, like paying for rent and kitchen appliances. The Bridge helped with all of that side of things.

“I was lodging with my ex-partner at his mums, but it was overcrowded and so we bid to move into this house. My Housing Advisor helped me initially by applying for a grant from the Vicars Relief to cover the first months’ rent as a deposit that allowed us to actually move in.

As Donna’s relationship with her partner broke down because of his behaviour, she was left with all the responsibilities of the house.

“It was difficult at the time, I knew I couldn’t get all these things sorted on my own and coping with that was hard when there was nothing here. It’s a slow progress but I did it.

“My Advisor also helped me in applying to CharityLink for kitchen goods, like the cooker and fridge-freezer. I would have struggled to do that without their help."

Donna was also eligible for a Starter Pack from The Bridge. Starter Packs help people who are moving into new accommodation, supplying them with goods like pillows, a toaster, cutlery and more.

“They also supported me with other issues too, putting me in touch with people who helped me with my bills and budgeting; for example, I couldn’t afford my water bill and they helped me sign up to a scheme that I can afford and I’m not left short. The budgeting advice as really helped. Things are more stable and I’m more confident now.

“I feel a lot more positive about the future, there are only a few things that I haven’t got. I hope to stay on top of my bills but I know that I can reach out again for support if I struggle again.

“Most of all, I’m hoping that I can my children back at home too. I still see three of them, but it’s been very hard and I miss them.”

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